• Cyber Unika for Lecturers url
  • Cyber Unika for Students pdf
  • Plagiarism Check pdf
  • Mendeley Reference Manager 2019 Guide pdf
  • Troubleshooting Cyber Unika Guide pdf
  • Creating PPT with Audio Guide pptx

Final Assignment

  • DELTA Guide for Parents pdf


  • Submit REPOSITORY File pdf
  • Google Scholar pptx
  • Sinta Writing pptx

Video Conference

  • Tips & Tricks for Big Blue Button pptx
  • BBB Super ViCon pdf
  • Jitsi ViCon  pdf
  • Google Meet  pdf
  • BBB Defense pdf

Screen Recording

Palapa (Integrated Services Portal Unika)

  • Online Loan (Online Book Borrowing Application) pdf
  • Learning Space Booking (Online Room Booking)  pdf
  • Pelita (Our Unika E-Library Portal) pdf



  • SPADA Kemendikbud Account Registration Guide for Lecturers pdf
  • SPADA Kemendikbud Account Registration Guide for Students pdf
  • Remote Computer Usage Guide (Anydesk)  pdf
  • Kahoot Guide  pdf
  • CDT 2021 Material (email  url




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