Library Services

Here is the library services provided by Unika Soegijapranata:

A. Circulation Services
   1. Borrowing, returning, and renewal
         a. Borrowing service utilizes an open access system
         b. Computers are available for collection browsing (Online Public Access Catalogue), or access through
         c. Borrowers present their student/staff ID card and the book to be borrowed to the librarian
         d. Maximum of 10 different books can be borrowed for 14 days and can be extended if not reserved by other members
         e. Books must be returned within the specified time frame. Late returns are subject to fines as per regulations
   2. Reserve and Borrow
         a. Borrowers can reserve books currently on loan
         b. Borrowers provide book details to the librarian via SMS Hotline or Library Email
         c. Once the reserved book is available, the borrower will be notified via SMS
         d. Reserved books not collected within 2 days of notification are considered canceled

B. Printed Journal and Magazine Services
   1. Printed journals and magazines can only be read on-site or photocopied. Bundled magazines are available for short-term loan
   2. Photocopy requests are handled by the librarian

C. Thesis, Dissertation, and Other Reports Services
   1. Theses, dissertations, and other reports can only be read on-site
   2. Seminar reports, research reports, internship reports, and other reports can be photocopied
   3. Theses/dissertations can be printed in limited quantities, printing regulations are self-regulated

D. Digital Collection Services
   1. Digital collections include theses, dissertations, reports, grey literature, and journal articles accessible through the Institutional Repository
   2. Digital copies of theses, dissertations can be printed with a minimum of 20% of the total pages
   3. Digital printing costs: a. Unika Soegijapranata patrons Rp.500,-
                                 b. Alumni and guest patrons Rp.1500,-
   4. Print requests are handled by the librarian
   5. Digital printouts can be collected on the next working day

E. Reserve and Reference Book Services
   1. Reserve and reference book collections can be read on-site, photocopied, or borrowed for a limited time (short-loan)
   2. Limited Borrowing (Short-Loan)
         a. Loan period is 1 day and can be extended
         b. Late return of loans incurs a penalty fine as per regulations
         c. Number of collections that can be borrowed:
                c.1. Reserve Book: 10 titles
                c.2. Reference: 10 titles
                c.3. Reading garden: 2 titles
                c.4. Bundled magazines and journals: 3 bundles
   3. Photocopy regulations (refer to photocopy service regulations)

F. Multimedia Services
   Visitors can utilize these service facilities subject to self-regulated conditions




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